Check out the newest addition to our Nuru Gel Family! April 17 2012, 0 Comments

Excuse us for gushing over the newest addition to our Nuru Family, but this little bundle of joy is big, big news!

We are proud to announce the NURUX SHAKER! It's a compact sized shaker bottle made specifically to give you the most control over your personal nuru experience. Each shaker comes with three "bullets". These bullets are filled with condensed Nuru. Just fill the shaker with water, empty in the bullet and shake it... uh uh... shake it... uh uh... SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!

Do you like our standard nuru gel? If so then add one bullet to the mix to get our traditional nuru experience. Maybe you'd like to try a thicker, more viscous adventure tonight? Then add two bullets and you have a blend equal to our Platinum formula!

Use the coupon code "freeshipping" to get FREE SHIPPING on your Nurux Shaker order!!!

Like any proud parent we can't help but show you some photos:


Nuru Massage Gel Shaker