Another Great Nuru Slide Gel Review February 22 2011, 0 Comments

Some of you have probably heard of Kendra Holliday. She is a sex blogger who has recently made national headlines for publicly "coming out" as the author of her previously anonymous blog. She recently wrote a glowing review about her experiences with Nuru Slide Gel. 

Kendra first tried a traditional Nuru Massage on an air mattress. But she also experimented by using it in the shower and on the bed with just a towel. She found that Nuru Slide Gel worked great everywhere. My favorite quote from the article is when she said that Nuru Slide Gel "...makes me feel powerful, like a goddess, a wet-n-wild Wonder Woman."

Kendra even included some photos of it in use (Definitely NSFW). You can read the review here.