Website updates February 06 2014, 0 Comments

I apologize if you ran into any difficulties with the site earlier today. It was done for a a few hours as we did some updates. Everything is up and should be working now. Thanks!

Nuru Massage Sheets are now available January 14 2014, 0 Comments

We have Nuru Massage Sheets in stock. Our specialty nuru sheets will take your nuru massage to the next level. Let's face it - an air mattress will get the job done but it is not the most elegant solution. These premium sheets pull over your mattress and create the perfect nuru play surface. They are smoother and more conducive to sliding around than a vinyl air mattress. And clean up afterwards is a breeze! Just pull them off and drop in the washing machine. No more muss and fuss of deflating and lugging around a heavy inflatable surface.

You can also add a splash of color with our bright nuru pillow cases!

Our Premium Nuru Gel is now in stock! December 06 2013, 0 Comments

We are proud to announce that we are now carrying our own brand of Nuru Gel. It is the best Nuru Gel available - it is the thickest, longest lasting Nuru and it is made right here in the states with the highest standards and best ingredients. NuruSlide is one of the original sources in the USA for Nuru Gel and we've always been proud to only stock the finest Nuru products. So it was an easy decision to bring you the best Nuru available: Premium Nuru Gel by SG.

Me-Ow! Check out this HOT little Nuru Massage Kitty July 12 2012, 0 Comments

This Nuru Massage fan lets the "cat out of the bag" on how much she loves our website. I'm sure you will love this bouncy little cutie as much as we did! Enjoy!

Unicycling Fan explains why Nuru Slide has the hottest deals July 05 2012, 0 Comments

 Unicycles, fire and juggling! This awesome video has it all.

Marilyn sings the "Happy Nuru" song just for you! Happy 4th! July 03 2012, 0 Comments

Wow. What better way than to celebrate the 4th of July than something as truly All-American as Marilyn Monroe? 

This is definitely one of the best videos we've received to date! 


Nuru Massage Fan cheers for our new Nurux Shaker! June 29 2012, 0 Comments

This bouncy NuruSlide cheerleader can hardly contain her excitement about our new Nurux Shaker! Add one to your order today to spice up your next private cheer session.

Crikey! A fan video from "Down Under"! June 13 2012, 0 Comments

We knew that NuruSlide was popular, but even we were surprised to hear our gel being mentioned in the great outback. Check out this fan's "discovery" of our Nuru Gel in the wilds of Australia.

Funny Preacher Man gives his thoughts on NuruSlide.Com! May 14 2012, 0 Comments

This video was just submitted! Thanks for making our day Mr. Preacher Man!

Check out the video below to see what he had to say about NuruSlide.Com:

India Loves!!! Check out this user video! May 07 2012, 0 Comments

Here's a video from India about Thanks! Keep them coming and we'll keep posting them. 


Where can I find a Nuru Massage? April 30 2012, 0 Comments

We get this question emailed to us all the time. Lots of people are looking for places where they can go and experience the exciting nuru massage that they've been hearing about. Our best advice is to buy a bottle of our Nuru Gel and have your fun at home. Why spend a ton on a private masseuse when you could oil up your spouse (or significant other) instead? You'll save money plus add some spark back into your relationship!

Send us your vids! April 27 2012, 0 Comments

We love to hear from our customers. Send us a video giving us a shot out and we will post it up here. We're looking forward to seeing what you have to say! 

Check out the newest addition to our Nuru Gel Family! April 17 2012, 0 Comments

Excuse us for gushing over the newest addition to our Nuru Family, but this little bundle of joy is big, big news!

We are proud to announce the NURUX SHAKER! It's a compact sized shaker bottle made specifically to give you the most control over your personal nuru experience. Each shaker comes with three "bullets". These bullets are filled with condensed Nuru. Just fill the shaker with water, empty in the bullet and shake it... uh uh... shake it... uh uh... SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!

Do you like our standard nuru gel? If so then add one bullet to the mix to get our traditional nuru experience. Maybe you'd like to try a thicker, more viscous adventure tonight? Then add two bullets and you have a blend equal to our Platinum formula!

Use the coupon code "freeshipping" to get FREE SHIPPING on your Nurux Shaker order!!!

Like any proud parent we can't help but show you some photos:


Nuru Massage Gel Shaker

Put a smile on your Valentine's face with a Nuru Massage February 12 2012, 0 Comments

It's that special time of year again! Time to let your loved one know how much they mean to you. Reignite the spark by spicing up the holiday with more than a card. Give the gift of Nuru! It will be a Valentine's Day you both with remember.

Limited Time SALE on all our Nuru Gel! January 31 2012, 0 Comments

We are getting ready for Valentine's Day by offering a ten percent discount off your next order! Just enter the code "nuruslide10" (without quotations) in the coupon code box on the second page of checkout.

This discount is good on all products! But its only for a limited time, so use it while you can!

All five Nuru Gel varieties are now in stock! January 11 2012, 0 Comments

We have all five varieties of Nuru Gel in stock and ready to ship. You've tried our original formula and we know that you love it - so now its time to spice up your next nuru massage with something new! Why not try our luxurious "Gold" formula with actual gold as an ingredient? Or play around with different textures of nuru by using the "Medium" or "Hard" blends. Or go "top shelf" and try out our "Platinum" blend for the ultimate nuru experience!

Check out our new twitter page! November 18 2011, 0 Comments

We couldn't let the new bottle go around being the only good looking new design, so we redid our twitter page. Go check it out and see what you think! Follow us to receive tweets about the latest deals and promotions.

Just how big is it? November 14 2011, 0 Comments

We received an email today from a customer who was wondering about the size of the new bottle. He asked how it compared to the older pump-top bottle. We here at NuruSlide have always known that size matters, so we've attached a pic comparing the new bottle to the old. As you can see, they are basically the same size. So don't worry - it's not the size of the bottle, its the quality of the Nuru inside! And with NuruSlide you can be sure that you are always getting the best possible Nuru Gel.

NuruSlide proudly announces our new bottle design! November 09 2011, 1 Comment

We are pleased to announce that our newly designed bottle is finally finished and listed for sale on our site. Our customers gave us a lot of feedback on changes that they would like to see in the new design and we implemented all of them. We think you will all be very happy with the way it turned out and would like to take a few minutes to tell you about the changes. 

The largest change is of course the shape of the bottle. Our old design featured a pump top. Many of you have contacted us with comments that you would prefer a squeeze top. Most people seemed to feel that the pump top dispensed too little Nuru at a time. We agreed with all of you and have now switched over to "pop top" bottle. Just pop the top up and the Nuru will pour freely out into your bowl or onto your partner.

The other, smaller changes are our label info and color scheme. Just little tweaks but we think they add to the customer experience.

The one thing that has not changed is the Nuru Massage Gel formula itself. We are using the same authentic and original formula that you have been enjoying for years.

So what do you think of the new bottle?

Big things coming soon September 15 2011, 0 Comments

We have some big surprises coming soon for our customers. Check back in the next few weeks to see what the future holds for the world of nuru massage.

Nuru Slide Gel uses only the best ingredients September 15 2011, 0 Comments

Nuru Slide is committed to bringing our customers the best quality product possible. That is why we stick with the authentic formula and make our Nuru Slide Gel with a traditional blend of seaweed extract. It's more expensive than using cheap alternatives, but we think the results speak for themselves.

Another Great Nuru Slide Gel Review February 22 2011, 0 Comments

Some of you have probably heard of Kendra Holliday. She is a sex blogger who has recently made national headlines for publicly "coming out" as the author of her previously anonymous blog. She recently wrote a glowing review about her experiences with Nuru Slide Gel. 

Kendra first tried a traditional Nuru Massage on an air mattress. But she also experimented by using it in the shower and on the bed with just a towel. She found that Nuru Slide Gel worked great everywhere. My favorite quote from the article is when she said that Nuru Slide Gel "...makes me feel powerful, like a goddess, a wet-n-wild Wonder Woman."

Kendra even included some photos of it in use (Definitely NSFW). You can read the review here.

Nuru Slide Gel Reviewed February 14 2011, 0 Comments

Our Nuru Slide Gel was just reviewed over at Dr. Dick's Sex Advice site. Dr. Dick, aka Dr. Richard Wagner, Ph.D., has 30 years experience working as a therapist. He focuses on human sexuality, sexual education and sexual enrichment. He has been writing an excellent sex advice column for 13 years now.

We were very excited when Dr. Dick contacted us and requested to review our product. He had heard about our Nuru Slide Gel and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. So we sent him two bottles and a few weeks later he published a glowing review.

The reviewers LOVED Nuru Slide Gel. They were excited about its natural ingredients and called it a very "Green" (earth friendly) product. The reviewer went so far as to say "I think a Nuru massage is even better than ordinary sex." Wow. You can't get a better review than that.

You can read the entire article here: Nuru Slide Review

How Many Massages from each bottle? January 28 2011, 2 Comments

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is how many massages will you get out of a bottle of Nuru Slide Gel. The answer depends on how you plan to use it. Some people prefer shorter Nuru Massages while others like long sessions that involve multiple reapplications of the Nuru Slide Gel. The second important factor is how much of the Gel you plan to apply each time. Some people like to use just enough to slide around while others coat themselves and their partner from head to toe. But, to give you a more definite answer, the majority of customers that I have heard back from say that they get an average of three Nuru Massage sessions out of each bottle.

How many uses do you get? Please leave a comment and let us know.