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NuruSlide is home to the finest selection of Nuru Massage Gels and Nuru Massage Accessories. Nuru Gel is an exceptionally slippery massage gel that originated in Asia and is made from a special seaweed extract. This unique Gel is most commonly used to give a body-on-body massage called a Nuru Massage. The massage participants coat themselves with Nuru Gel and slide along one another. The unique properties of the Gel allow the individuals to use their entire bodies to sensually massage their partner. It is an incredible experience that is unlike anything you have ever tried before.

The most important element to a perfect Nuru Massage is ensuring that you use the best quality Nuru Gel available. That is why we only stock our Premium Nuru Massage Gel. Our Gel adheres to the traditional formula and is made with pride in the USA. We  make our Nuru Gel with a special blend of three types of seaweed which is necessary to get the slickest, most slippery massage. Our colorless, tasteless and odorless product is super slippery, luxuriously thick and ultra long lasting. Grab a bottle today and enjoy a Nuru Massage tonight!